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The C3 program can enhance and/or improve enrollees' health, promote wellness and encourage personal responsibility for health and fitness, improve morale, help increase productivity, help reduce absenteeism, and help reduce overall healthcare cost to employers and employees.

C3's low cost program is a popular voluntary benefit for employees--full-time, part-time, temporary, and for retirees, all currently with or without employer health coverage. C3 is also available on a guaranteed basis. C3 is not an insured risk program so utilization by participants is encouraged.

C3 is a unique voluntary offering that can save substantial out-of-pocket healthcare dollars to members of associations, clubs, organizations, groups and fundraising endeavors. Each year the public spends billions out-of-pocket. C3 is a value-added offering that saves member's money.

The administrative process is easy. Our administrative staff has many years of experience working with enrollment, implementation and account management of groups from small to jumbo-size with multiple locations. We work closely with each customer and/or their broker/consultant/agent to meet the customer's time schedule and enrollment needs.

If you want to learn more about how C3 can be offered to your company, organization or group, please email or call (888) 862-3223.


C3 offers savings programs that support the health and well being of enrolled members.

Complementary Care programs are available to public and private employer groups, third party administrators, unions, health plans, insurance companies and associations.


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