Visitor Center - Advantages to Employees and Enrollees

Visitor Center - Advantages to Employees and Enrollees

Alternative health care is very popular and employees appreciate a new benefit that gives them access to services that are often not covered by current health insurance. Many employees are already using alternative health care services and paying for the services without the benefit of receiving negotiated discounts. Enrolling in the C3 program allows them to save money while accessing a credentialed network of specialists. There may be a few specialties such as chiropractic and mental health where employees already have some coverage through their employer's health plan. At the same time, many employees are opting out of their restricted health plan that requires pre-authorizations, primary care physician referrals and are incurring high out-of-pocket costs.

By enrolling in the C3 program, employees have the advantages of:
  • Open access - selecting network practitioners of their choice
  • Practitioner discounts of 10-30% or more
  • No gatekeepers
  • No referrals forms
  • No limitations on services
  • No maximum dollar amount for benefits and services
  • No pre-authorizations
  • No claims to file
  • Reducing their out-of-pocket costs significantly
  • Deep discounts for n utritionalsupplements, vitamins and other health products
  • Low monthly premium cost paid through employer payroll deduction
  • Practitioners located across the country. Whether living, vacationing, or traveling anywhere in the U.S.A., C3's Member Services Department will help members locate network practitioners.
  • C3 provides guaranteed savingwitht our qualified providers and practitioners

For more information about how C3 can help you bring enhanced benefits to your company or organization, toll free 888-862-3223, or email us at and a C3 representative will contact you.


C3 offers savings programs that support the health and well being of enrolled members.

Complementary Care programs are available to public and private employer groups, third party administrators, unions, health plans, insurance companies and associations.


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