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Why Choose C3?

Welcome to Complementary Care Company (C3). We have one of the largest complementary, alternative and wellness focused networks in the country. Network practitioners provide services to C3 members at network discounts. C3 members save extra money with our Products Plus Program for healthy living. C3 is available through employers' health benefits plans on a voluntary basis.

Reputable Practitioners

All practitioners have been credentialed

Comprehensive list of Modalities

From Acupuncture to T'ai Chi we have most modalities

Customer Satifaction

Our goal is to keep our members satisfied

Member Discounts

Enrolled members receive discounted pricing from network practitioners

Complementary Care Network In The Palm Of Your Hand

Find and select a practitioner directly from your phone or desktop.


Complete Complementary and Integrative Care Solutions

Click on desired Network below

Practitioner Network

Practitioner Network

MD, VA and DC Regional Network

Chiropractor Network

Chiropractor Network

National Chiropractic Network (Also MD, VA and DC Practitioners)

Alternative Medicine Network

Alternative Medicine Network

National Alternative Network (Also MD, VA and DC Practitioners)


C3 offers savings programs that support the health and well being of enrolled members.

Complementary Care programs are available to public and private employer groups, third party administrators, unions, health plans, insurance companies and associations.


  Email us at: info@c3online.com


   P.O. Box 707, Sharpsburg, MD 21782